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Schedules and Cons

Yesterday MFF dropped their schedule, and like every year I go through the schedule multiple times to not only check on changes to beloved events and what I like to call my MUST See Panels. This year is no different…. Except

If you have been following me for any length of time you are aware I have plenty of interests, and that I always take my 3DS for 2 reasons. The Pedometer feature as I usually average around 6 miles during the con… and you wonder why your tired. But also StreetPass as I have games that use that feature and YES it is turned on. Oh sure the number of places where it works have shrunk over the years. Basically it’s down to cons or nothing. I got a few at Anime Midwest, and usually average the around 30 with multiple repeat hits. It averages around 11 at a time, maybe repeating 3 or 4 times. They are doing a Nintendo StreetPass Meet, and additional one for 3DS owners on both Friday and Sunday. My inner Geek is shouting from the rooftop of my building.

Convention History – Before and After Furries will talk about how where and why it’s Friday @ 8PM refer to the schedule for location

Joe Strike will be talking about his new book, which I hope to buy a copy… if available.

MFF this year more than the last few years has things for all interests. Fursuit Photography, ADHD Panel and so many more I swear it will take the next few weeks to figure out what I want to do.

Oh sure you have a choice not to look at the schedule, but you might regret it this year especially.