Loving Without Fear by H.J. Pang

Martha had never been much interested in dating throughout her life but this all changed in oh so many ways, when a cute sea otter catches her eye. The only problem? Martha holds a serious fear of water. Collecting two complete novellas by @HJPang3!

$3.99 https://thurstonhowlpub.storenvy.com/products/35360293-loving-without-fear

Twitter Vs. Tribel Vs. Mastodon

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter and has either made changes or have hinted at some most of us DO NOT LIKE. Tribel and Mastodon came upon the scene, at least that is how I heard about them.

When you see things like 60,000 or more jumping platforms. You think there would be plenty of traffic on both.

The following is a Fair Assessment of what I am observed in the weeks since I joined both.

Two words not much traffic on both, on Tribel I see the same people making most posts. Meanwhile on Mastodon there are posts but not much more than takes a minute to go through. It seems on Tribel you post a photo you will get plenty of Likes, On Mastodon not much.

I am sorry to say there isn’t a lot of Furries on both and frankly it’s rare to see a Furry post. Even though Tribel has 3 groups and the most popular has 6 members. I could not find any furry groups on Mastodon.

To be totally honest both platforms might get better over time. But right now it’s more a 2nd platform than anything else.