Scars of The Golden Dancer by NightEyes DaySpring Review

It is described as on various sites

Look Life on the edge of the desert has never been easy, especially for the jackal prostitute and sword dancer, Zayn. After selling his wares at auction to a hyena sellsword by the name of Naji, Zayn realizes Naji can help him find a better life. Just as Zayn’s dreams are coming true, problems from Naji’s past catch up to him. The jackal will have to move quickly to save the hyena or risk losing him forever.

Content Warning:
The following work contents scenes of explicit male/male sex and deals with topics such as prostitution, abuse, violence, loss, and post-traumatic stress. This book is intended for adults only, and reader discretion is advised.

What you get is a marvelous adventure. Where nearly every chapter brings something new. Maybe someone from their past who wants to kill them or smuggling weapons, all the way up to kidnapping. Then there are the deep embedded scars someones back. I won’t reveal who or why it’s there. But it’s like this tale, each turn of the page reveals something new and different that only wants us to read more.

I seldom talk about endings but this one is very stratifying.

NightEyes DaySpring brings you to a land and time that you never been. But after a while you wish you were there.

I give this tale a very solid 10 out of 10. It also got me to do something I rarely do check out what books the author has wrote. I have no doubt it will be just as good.

I met NightEyes DaySpring at MFF 2022 and found them to be a very humble author. Who wants people to read, what I found is a truly great tale.

It’s available on various sites, just check for your favorite one.