Art Commission Scams

Recently I have been betting a bunch of these basically it begins when someone says via a DM that they are an artist and eager to take your commission. Before you even decide what piece you want to have done, they tell you it will be $150.

Let me tell you there is not a single legit artist that will quote a price upfront. They want to know stuff like the background, how many characters and etc. So they know what price to quote you.

Another clue that they are scammers is that they have little to no art posted on their social media. I do I advise checking on that art via a Google Image search. My guess is most won’t be by them.

Also it is NEVER a contract even a Verbal One unless both parties agree.

One more thing, I asked one of these scammers to send me examples of their work. It was so obvious it was created by AI. So please be warned.

If you go to fur cons they are actually the best place to get a commission. As the con has a guarantee of sorts that the work will be completed. Meaning if they scam you they can get banned from every con.