Winter Without End by Casimir Laski Book Review

According to the publisher

Knight, a Labrador retriever, finds himself alone and afraid in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic, forced to hunt and scavenge in the city abandoned by its former masters. His fortunes change when he encounters a wounded wolf. Seeing a chance for survival and companionship, he defies the only life he has ever known and forms an uneasy alliance with his wild counterpart. Together, the two journey through a new and terrible world-a world that seems to hold no place for either dog or wolf.

The Review

Sad, Dark and Depression is the overall theme. First we get the world hit by a epidemic that seemly kills almost everyone. It also infects the animals who want to be killed. Next we got small pockets of wolves and dogs all trying to survive the best way they can in this kill or be killed in this world you suddenly find yourself in. Here you are hoping that this winter storm will end, and it never does. Worse of all are the humans who want to kill what little that remains.

I honestly felt cold as I read though the pages of this book. Normally that means the author has pulled you in to hopefully something good. But in this case you wonder how you would survive during all of this.

Not that it is badly written, it’s just the overall theme is Depression, sadness, how bleak everyone and everything is.

I know some of you are waiting for me to give it numbers. But how can I even do this when after reading a few pages needed to find something that made me happy I was alive. It really is that sad.

I know this will turn off some, but you want to know how a dog and a wolf survive the winter and the humans that out always out to kill them. This book is for you.