Megaplex Vs The State of Florida

I start with that release to assure everyone this was not Megaplex’s doing it was the State of Florida, Repubicans and “Meatball” DeSantas that wanna be dictator governor. Who has just declared war on furries and we being family friendly. I for one am PISSED, Those idiots will soon find out who really runs things… us furries. We are everywhere and we are mainly IT. You can use whatever search tool you like in every case where it came down to Furry VS. Some idiot Furries Always Win.

Florida furries a line has been drawn. Do you want to see Megaplex disappear? Now is the time to take action. Legally I can’t tell you what to do. But I can suggest next time an election come around it’s time to dump these furry haters.

Galloping Ghost Arcade Meet

Hey y’all! Another date for our meets over at the galloping ghost arcade! This is a fursuit friendly gathering! You must provide proof of vaccination against covid whether you have a card or just have proof in general, pm the proof to @RedBon3. Our tourney game will be Windjammers. Winning prize is a free arcade/pinball pass “double pass” which can be used anytime or used to the next meet we run! Also as always we eat at a diner nearby the arcade called Tonys. If you wanna eat with us for dinner, fill the form out by Friday June 16th at 11:59pm! So you can eat with us on the 17th for our meet! All other questions, hit our admins up. @Skye_Fox223 @LilacPupper
@Zekethetiger @Safetyfoxxo @Skylar1120 @CBBlueBear