Galloping Ghost Arcade Meet

Hey y’all! Another date for our meets over at the galloping ghost arcade! This is a fursuit friendly gathering! You must provide proof of vaccination against covid whether you have a card or just have proof in general, pm the proof to @RedBon3. Our tourney game will be Windjammers. Winning prize is a free arcade/pinball pass “double pass” which can be used anytime or used to the next meet we run! Also as always we eat at a diner nearby the arcade called Tonys. If you wanna eat with us for dinner, fill the form out by Friday June 16th at 11:59pm! So you can eat with us on the 17th for our meet! All other questions, hit our admins up. @Skye_Fox223 @LilacPupper
@Zekethetiger @Safetyfoxxo @Skylar1120 @CBBlueBear