AnthrOhio Annual Picnic

The AnthrOhio Annual Picnic is Returning Saturday, September 17, 2022!

Time: 10am – 4pm

Group Photo: 1PM Fursuit Walk in The Park: Shortly after the Group Photo

Cost: FREE! (Pot-luck contributions gratefully accepted)

NEW LOCATION: Blacklick Woods Metro Park – Buttonbush Shelter

AnthrOhio 2022 Update

AnthrOhio wrapped last night and there is plenty to talk about.

Charity Donation

$28,000 amazing work everyone

2023 Theme

And Lastly a word from AnthrOhio which I could not say any better

It’s been a long weekend, time for some much needed rest. #AnthrOhio2022

CESFUR Releases T Shirt, AnthrOhio Needs Staff

T-T-T-T-Shirts 👕 are here! Grab yourself a shirt to commemorate the first Cesfur after a few years. Design with Shao-Nin, the dragon guardian of the Peach of Eternity 🐉 will definitely suit you—but if you are a sponsor, you’ll get to wear the face of royalty, tiger emperor Shang 🐯. If you want one, make sure to add the T-Shirt to your registration package (you can do that even if you paid the basic ticket already). Sponsors get one T-shirt included.

AnthrOhio Needs Tech People and DJs


AnthrOhio Registration Now Open!!!

Philanthropist Rewards: Each PhilAnthropist will be receiving the 2022 AnthrOhio Adventure kit. This kit will contain The Aziz Class Multilight, the Plisken Escape 1 liter Water Bottle, the Voigt-Kampff AnthrOhio Fob, and the Gattica Workout Backpack.

Early Pickup: Patrons and PhilAnthropists will be able to pick up their Badges during Thursday’s Early Registration period along with Staff, and Dealers.

Convention Shirt: Patrons and PhilAnthropists receive the current year’s Convention shirt.

Guest of Honor Dinner: Patrons and PhilAnthropists are invited to attend the Guest of Honor Dinner.

Art Print: Sponsors and above receive a limited edition Art Print.

Sponsor Button: Sponsors and above receive a limited edition Art Button.

Ice Cream Social: Sponsors and above are invited to the Sunday Ice Cream Social.

Hospitality Suite: ALL Attendees are welcome for snacks and drinks in the Hospitality Suite.

Attendee Badge: ALL Attendees receive a Badge that they are to wear to access all of AnthrOhio’s Convention Function Space. Basic, Sponsors, Patrons and PhilAnthropists Badges are for the Full Weekend, and Daily Badges are for one Specific Day.

For more information

AnthrOhio Furwalk, TFF to Have Podcast Room

WHAT: AnthrOhio Meet & Walk (aka Gallery Hop)
WHEN: Saturday, March 5th, 2022 – Walk starts @ 6:30 PM
WHERE: North Market – 59 Spruce Street, Columbus, OH 43215
WHO: All ages, fursuits not required to join in
EVENT CONTACT: @PupKali on Telegram

It’s time again for the next Fursuit Walk! We will gather on the east steps of North Market at 6:30 PM for a group photo, and then start the walk.

However, there are a few key changes for this time around:

  • Due to continuing concerns with COVID-19 infection rates in Ohio and masks being encouraged for indoor activities, we are currently moving forward with only the outdoor meetup portions at this time. We hope to resume the dining portion in the future!
  • Facemasks are not required for the event, but are strongly encouraged.

This event is weather dependent and will be held only if weather conditions are favorable.

We hope to see you there!

Do you record podcasts with interviews and need a place to record one? At #TFF2022, we have a new place for you!

Instead of using your personal space or needing to find a quiet spot, sign-up to use our Podcast room!

Follow the link for more details :

Fur Con News: DenFur Tough Mask Policy, AnthrOhio Furmeet and walk

DenFur don’t want to wear a mask, get you badge revoked.

Original post can be found here

AnthrOhio Furmeet and Furwalk

COVID-19 Report: AnthrOhio

AnthrOhio announced yesterday on all their outlets the following statement:

In addition Illinois’ Governor Pritzker said during a news conference yesterday that his office is considering not allowing any large gatherings or conventions until a COVID-19 vaccine is available.