Star Wars: The Mandalorian Review

I usually don’t review things outside the fandom. But The Mandalorian is an exception. Before I got Disney Plus, I often heard it was only good to episode 4. Let me tell you that rumor is wrong. The entire season is simply magnificent, the writing, the action, even the actors themselves. The story is solid about the adventures of a Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars Universe with a Baby Yoda in tow. Set just after the events of Return of The Jedi.

All the episodes were varied and each had its own self-contained story. I am saying without hesitation that there isn’t a single bad episode of it’s entire 1st season. Only occasionally going for the laugh, each adventure is intelligently written, and frankly given The Mandalorian’s skill with weapons makes a lot of sense.

I can even say without spoilers given, the the end of the season finale is incredible. It will totally surprise you, as nothing goes as you think it will.

Frankly, if Disney gives us more Star Wars series with this level of quality. I know I will not be missing an episode. I wish the last couple of the Star Wars films were as well made as this series.

2 Paws Way UP!!!!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review

I love the Star Wars films, although I do not consider myself a HARDCORE fan. I do love the originals, really like The Phantom Menace and do very occasionally but not too often watch The Revenge of The Sith, and think the Disney Star Wars films are not terrible but just about average.

Yesterday I actually saw The Rise of Skywalker and after 15 minutes into this, I know this was not going to be a simple review for me to write. Why? 2 things got annoying for me very fast was the overuse of helicopter shots. I swear the number of times they showed off the countryside actually lasted longer than the scene itself. The other thing to me was the number of times Rey and Kylo Ren battled, even though they were on different places in the galaxy, some many lightyears apart somehow they get together and do a well-choreographed battle…but really…that many times? In a few, I though stealth would have worked better. But that is just my opinion.

Although I will admit there are a number of scenes I thought were done very well, as the opening. The film could frankly stand good editing, I say shorten it by 30 minutes and it would be better.

Overall the story was pretty good, the acting competent and so were the special effects. I really thought the entire scene that took place on what remained of the Death Star 2 from Return of the Jedi was almost great and so were the final battle with one exception and this is no spoiler BTW. How much power does a Jedi have? At the very end, GOD Like, and really I wish I were joking. If the emperor had that much power in Jedi, the empire would have won instead.

The ending made sense and frankly us older fans were happy someone finally got their medal. For the record, only 4 regulars from the original films survive to the end.

Overall I would say it is not as horrible or as disappointing as some have said. If you want to go and see it do. I will not say you will or won’t be disappointed it’s more what do you expect? It’s a Disney Star Wars film and you have seen the 1st 2 right? It is better than The Force Awakens. That I promise.

I saw mine at a bargain day at my favorite theater and I felt I got my money’s worth.

If I have to score this film which I will and keep in mind 7 on these scales are average. I give it maybe a 7.6 but don’t go in expecting an epic this film does have issues and you will see them, that I promise.