Life update: Fuck being even unique by Nightlythehedgehog

Lets start with the good. I am happy having my file clerk job at a government building where i do mostly scanning. Ive been working there for a year, 6 months volunteer and 6 months paid. Im getting paid pretty well and i work every monday to Wednesday. I just recently got a lot of games and two wired controllers. I recently got world of warcraft legion and played as a tauren druid. I enjoyed playing it because how cool the spell effects were and how versatile it is. I see why higher levels are so much fun. My battle tag is AncientsLord#1525. Overwatch is pretty fun if you have a competent team. Now for the negative. A while back I failed to get a passing grade in a evaluation for a special college that had people of different disabilities but it wasnt exactly the best environment. I met a few new people but they werent always the best bunch to hang with (so many people were judgemental). As for now im not sure what to do for college. I might not be able to handle the full course load. My parents piss me off because they keep saying they love me and all and they start to get all judgey if i mention furries or homosexuality. Or anything they find too weird. That makes me feel great. Why dont ya say “fuck you son you need to be normal and sane and controlled. You can easily be take advantage of blah blah blah” Just fuck being unique! Have little to no support and flip the bird to weirdos that ought to shape you up. FUCK NO!!!!! Im sick of hearing the same shit like i have to be just half of who i am. I didnt join these fandoms to do weird shit! I did it because anyone local wouldnt get it or understand it.

So What Really Happened at F2F

Furry 2 Furry was once a very popular furry forum at one time until something happened.

I’ll let one of the admins Studley Destiny explain…

After the change over, the Amok changed who could deal with the hosting company for financial transactions.

Many months after the Amok took over, he stopped paying the hosting bills. Now I do not know if he was getting donation money or not, but I would expect he was. I do know that donations did not cover the full hosting bill except on very rare occasions. After enough months of non-payment, the hosting company pulled the plug.

Rrruff did try to resolve the problem and pay the bills, as did several others. However, with the new setup the Amok had made, the hosting company would not (could not?) take payment from anyone else for the bills and the Amok was nowhere to be found. It did rather seem that the Amok was intentionally hiding and/or ignoring any/all e-mail/IM contact. I do not know if anyone had a telephone number to try.

Whether this was intentional or not, I don’t know. But I’m sure the Amok had plenty of warning that the fees needed to be paid or a shut down would occur. (I work in this industry and deal with hosting companies. You will know if they are going to shut you down!)

Here is a Facebook post that also has some of this information:

Further reading on attempts to recover

What it has become Furry Chat and Roleplayers Haven

It’s nice to be considered a reference source

Local Furry Makes International Publication

A Chicago area favorite fursuiter known as BJ Buttons, got a well deserved mentioned in the Aug 2016 issue of the Teddy Bear Times an English publication.