Rainfurrest 2015 It’s Legacy

With Rainfurrest now becoming the most infamous con in HISTORY. Proving the old saying if something can go wrong, it will. There isn’t a single con in the entire world that did not take the events that happened there as a wake up call. The one time I was at a Midwest Furfest Board meeting I heard them say, when Rainfurrest imploded they had an emergency meeting. They had no choice but to rethink on how their con was operated. They worked with their hotel resolving any issues. The biggest was a direct line to the Con’s Chairperson if anything happened and the staff didn’t immediately take care of it. It seems they would take direct responsibility to see it was solved.

The biggest change I personally saw at MFF later that same year was an increased number of staff. Tighter rules on conduct, and have you noticed the agreement you have to sign in order to get a badge. If you haven’t it is in reality a code of conduct contract. A legally binding contract. But the unsung heros to this are the furries themselves. Oh sure there is always drinking, and always sex. But the con goers themselves make 100% sure nothing gets out of control. I maybe quoting MFF, but I heard this at other cons, even ones that aren’t furry. For example at this one con, (I will not say which) this couple got into a bad fight. It was the con goers themselves who not only contacted the hotel, but called the cops into make an arrest.

Speaking of badges, everyone checks badges these days. At MFF there are those keeping watch to make sure badges are checked.

Was what happened at Rainfurrest really a good thing? In a way yes, I know that may surprise a few. Look none of us wants are favorite con to implode. But happened at Rainfurrest is a constant reminder of what could happen, if we stopped caring.