Displaying Full Evidence Of Idiocy

Notalwaysright.com post a series of hilarious real life stories, each one is funnier than the one before it.

Here is just 1 example you have to click on the link to see the rest of them

A customer pulls up in a burgundy taxi, tells the driver to wait, and then comes into the store.

He then pulls a knife and a garbage bag, and tells me to fill the bag with cartons of cigarettes.

I fill the bag, and watch as the crook then runs into what he thinks is his burgundy taxi, and slams the door behind himself.

Unbeknownst to him, I have just watched the taxi drive away, after seeing him attempt to rob the store, and a burgundy cop car, driven by a store regular, pull up.

Now the cop has just pulled into the gas station to get fuel, and some random guy has jumped into the back of his cop car, holding a knife and a bag full of stolen cigarette cartons, and locked himself in…

It takes a full hour for the cop to take my statement, because we can’t stop laughing at the idiot who arrested himself while holding the evidence of his robbery.

YouTube Wants Content Creators To Appeal Demonetization, But It’s Not Always That Easy

Forbes did this great article by Erik Kain

In what some call the Age Of Adpocalypse, where in You Tube is pulling the ability of some content providers to make money off of there videos.

To quote the article…

The ‘Adpocalypse’ began over two separate incidents. The first was when it came to light that terrorist groups like Hezbollah were using YouTube to upload and monetize videos promoting terrorism.

The second occurred when Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg made a video that included men he had paid to hold signs that read ‘Death to all Jews.’ Kjellberg insisted his video was satirical in nature and has since apologized. But since his channel remains the largest on YouTube, and since he was partnered with Disney’s Maker Studios at the time and worked closely with YouTube Red on original content, the backlash was intense, and the reverberations were felt throughout the YouTube community.

Advertisers got spooked, call it a personal observation but even on videos where content makes don’t make a dime I have still seen ads.

Is there an easy solution or is You Tube going to drive away what draws people to the site away. Because how many cute cat videos can anyone stand?


Anthro Northwest Seattle’s newest fur con has agreed to an interview for this blog as far as I know I am the only one that has ever asked them for an interview. Which should be interesting as some of my questions will also include references to Rainfurrest.

From the I don’t understand this dept. Furry Broadcast Net on Twitter has announced they have gotten their 640th follower. But yet and I encourage my readers to check this out has only ever released 5 pieces of news the entire month of September and most of those were about submissions to cons, the second biggest thing was merchandise. They barely make a post a week, and here I do my best to make one every day and I only have 113 followers.

Life really isn’t fair

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Okay the artist signature is in the lower righthand corner and I can’t make it out to give proper credit