Fur Cons Return to Seattle: Introducing Anthro Northwest

Yep folks I can hardly believe it myself but on Nov 9 – 12 at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, WA USA there is going to be an actual fur con Anthro Northwest I swear to you if I could be there I would, I have literally 1000s of questions. The first one being how did they convince a hotel in Seattle, WA to host a fur con after that Disaster Con, better know as Rainfurrest took place. I heard it’s been a couple of years and their hotel is still cleaning up that mess.

Believe me I wish Anthro Con well and will ask them for an interview. But frankly if they say no I can’t blame them, but I wish them well and I will be keeping a close eye on social media to see how things go.

Only time will tell with this one…