Fur Cons Return to Seattle: Introducing Anthro Northwest

Yep folks I can hardly believe it myself but on Nov 9 – 12 at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, WA USA there is going to be an actual fur con Anthro Northwest I swear to you if I could be there I would, I have literally 1000s of questions. The first one being how did they convince a hotel in Seattle, WA to host a fur con after that Disaster Con, better know as Rainfurrest took place. I heard it’s been a couple of years and their hotel is still cleaning up that mess.

Believe me I wish Anthro Con well and will ask them for an interview. But frankly if they say no I can’t blame them, but I wish them well and I will be keeping a close eye on social media to see how things go.

Only time will tell with this one…

Who Killed America by Lowell Thompson

First of all Lowell Thompson is something of a minor celeb a man who can do just about anything. So why not a play…his latest project.

Link to the official site

I was at the first workshop the other day where his goal was trying to gather ideas for what I think is a good premise. Not exactly what killed America more like what killed the American dream. If your older than 30 and lived all that time in the US, you can see how things have changed and not for the better. Rise in hate groups, more violence, greed seemly everywhere, meanwhile the voters feel disenfranchised. Which is the main reason I feel why Trump was elected. There he came in with BIG promises and frankly despite what he and other presidents have said in the past, frankly there is very little they can do to change things. That is solely in the hands of the congress and the courts.

Can you even name 1 of your elected officials? Not local because they are on the news most of the time. But those we sent to Washington, DC . Which rare exception most frankly can’t why and this goes for a majority of them. They do nothing but vote on other peoples idea’s. I don’t know of 1 that ever kept a campaign promise.

I could get into greed in business but that is all over the news.

So in my mind who killed American it was our own elected officials.

Have your own ideas use the link above and send a message to Lowell Thompson