Review and download link to Bestiary #10

This issue contains SFW art which ranges from good to average. You also get 3 comics, first up is Hornless Odyssey by Scott Alston which is a so so space adventure of love and hate. The final 2 are Red Shetland about the funny side of medieval times by which I think are by John Groat and Taral Wayne as it is nearly impossible to read the signatures. These are great.

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Review and download link to Anthropomorphic Romance #9

Really there isn’t much to this issue NSFW art that more appears to be animals forms overlapped on human bodies. There is a comic but there is no point to even mentioning the plot because it’s all sex.

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View and Download link to Karno’s Klassics #16

Karno’s Klassics #16 could easily be set today, the way the government and big business treats the public. It is so truthful it is scary, we know no one cares this issue actually predicts the future but it did. Worth checking out period.

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Review and download of Anthropomorphic Romance #4

Definitely NSFW it’s a strange mixture of art. Namely very human like anthro characters. It really only has 1 comic Kitten in Camera Shy by B. Outlaw. Set in a zoo it involves the Head Zookeeper hides a camera in the female lions den. Like most porn the story is weak and the art is very human like. Not very good

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Review with download of Fuzzy Thoughts issue 1

Gloomstadt: Bird Brain by James Street

Asked the question what would happen if you put the brain of a bird in a Frankenstien type of monster. Answer is very funny CHIRP!!!

Beware of The Dog by Willie Jimenez

A household pet turns into an anthro fighter when robbers come. Interesting take, very unsual still good though.

Astrix: Cheer by Travis Castleberry

What cheerleaders actually say I found this both funny and very truthful

Funny Bunnies by Willie Jimenez

Okay I admit it I don’t get it a woman asks why rabbit ear? While standing next to a sortaanthro rabbit

Gloomstadt: Down for The Count by James Street

Typical story 2 lost traveler’s go to a castle with a very vampire like host. The pickled garlic addition I found really save the day for this one.

Why Princess Are Never Catgirls by PT Cooper

Cats and birds never go well together and neither does cat princess

I Used to Work There by Ashley Rowland

This really does happen at fast food restaurants I should know I worked in one.

Super-Catgirl by Willie Jimenez

Sorry to say all this is an introduction to a brand new character.

Gloomstadt: Pain In The Neck by James Street

I expected that is what you will say to yourself after reading this. It’s a combo of an overly agressive door to door salesman. The customer running for their life think that the salesman is a vampire and the real thing. Good read.

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Review and download link to Bundage #2


I kid you knot a furry bondage fanzine. Nothing more than just art which is okay nothing more than average. But the one good thing I can say about it, very unique.

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Review and download of Alfuratives volume 1 issue 5

A Foxy Sandwich by Tome Brady

A rather okay at best story about a pair of dragon and a fox wanting sex so bad he just can’t stand it anymore all set in a bar on a space station.

Those Darn Parell Worlds by Umbrawolf

Is about what happens at a Hot Tub late at night, interesting at best

The Dragon and the Rabat by FryDrgon

Think gay bar and you know the story

Overall the NSFW anthro art in this issue is really quite good, some pieces I say are downight excellent.

Overall the art is better than the 3 stories that were included.

To view and download link to Alfuratives volume 1 issue 5

Review and download link to FA United 2011 Con Book

Some might be asking me why a con book literally for a couple of reason one it includes a rather great story called Contact by Alfor Aalto which mixes the standard survivor story with aliens. Really no joke I concider it the best story I have ever read in any con book. The piece about the Dangers of New Jersey is quite fun. But did you know back in 2011 FA United only had 21 Dealers for a crowd of 531. It seems in the last 3 years attendence was lower than the year before. For example in 2017 FA United only had 515. Looks like we got a sad case of a con dying a slow death.

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