Bucktown Tiger on Jeopardy Day 5


Good News Everyone!!! Bucktown Tiger won for the 5th day in a row with $14,789 bringing up his total to $117,319

Furry Times (South Africa version) Sept 2016 Review

Confuzzled article

Which gave the con a good overall rating

Zootopia Review

Overall I agree with the review fair and to the point

Geekfest 2016

A South Africa furmeet I had no idea that even existed. The article made me feel I wish I was there.

Braai at Victor’s and the Election Day Furmeet

Both articles were great, gives one an insight to a part of the world for furries we now nothing about…except what we see on TV or online.

Meanwhile, the editorial was good because it was clear and to the point, which included a mission statement and what they hoped their version of Furry Times would become.


Really gives a clear insight into what it is like to be a furry in South Africa.

Furry Science book review

Was honestly better and to the point that something I could write.

Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Review by Randall

More a preview


A great issue, the photos, and the art are great. Really my only complaint I wish they mentioned me and The Original Furry Times. But I hold no malice towards them they are just getting started…and it did take 2 years before the next issue was released.

You can find the issue here

The Fuzzy Princess Book Review

Seriously I forgot I picked this up at MFF last year and brought it with me when I had to see my doctor and what I found. Blew me away the humor and brilliance of this story of 3 anthro cats living with a family of humans. Their brother who can fly and their bear butler is totally delightful in this family-friendly story. I really didn’t even know this was the collected work of a webcomic The Fuzzy Princess check it out, it is worth getting.