Trouble At Fur Flight

It seems Alaska Airlines canceled the flight to MFF that Fur Flight was involved.

Netflix Prequel ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ Will Be “Pure Puppetry & No CGI”

One year prior, Netflix and The Jim Henson Company declared that they were building up ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, a TV arrangement set to be a prequel to the 1982 film, The Dark Crystal. Jim Henson’s 1982 fantasy film ‘The Dark Crystal’ has stood out forever as an ace class in puppetry enchantment. Also, it’s essential to the innovative group behind the new Netflix prequel arrangement that they get that original viewpoint right, as reported by IndieWire.

Boo at the Zoo Fursuiter Gathering 2018

Every year the local fur group LAFF (Telegram Link) hosts an annual gathering of fursuiters at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL this year that gathering took place on Oct 20th. Which coincides with the Brookfield Zoo’s own Boo at the Zoo which is normally held the last 3 weekends in October.

It is really a fun event even if your not a furry as shown in these photos.

Brookfield Zoo usually gets a good crowd and everyone has a good time.


But yesterday was a bit different and the blame can solely be placed on the weather.

Everything was fine, the usual group photo was taken

Between 12:15 and 12:30 PM

This is about the same time people line up in a costume or not for the Halloween Parade

Example here

But according to reports. At 12:45 PM A cold front came through also bringing showers and everyone scrambled. The weather is normally better but they had forecasted rain for the area. That is why I believe the number of fursuiters was down this year over last.

Komos and Goldie comic by Joe Strike and Oliver Coombes

Komos and Goldie is the kind of comic that is hard to put into just one category. This pair in this NSFW comic (not for sex, it’s just that Goldie is nude), crime fighting, South Park style humor, action, even right now I find it difficult to describe what it is with a sense of justice.

Speaking of which I remember reading in Joe Strike’s Book Furry Nation of how he had this idea for a comic based upon his fursona and what we eventually got is so very unique. I honestly think most would enjoy this no holds barred comic. Honestly, who of us hadn’t though with all some superpowers this one hero has why don’t they do X, Y or even Z. Z being turning 2 cops into horses so they could ride them to the police station.

I admit I knew nothing about the comic until I learned about Oliver Coombes on Twitter and because of National Comic Book Day I requested a free copy of Komos and Goldie and I really like the work, and was happy it was a webcomic so more people could read it, made it all the better.

I give the comic my highest rating 10/ 10

You can find the comic here on Tumblr

Author’s Reply to my humble review

Breaking News

Anthro Southeast @AnthroSoutheast is reporting on the 1st year of their con they had 605 attendees and raised $3,650 for their charity the Pet Placement Center

Fur Reality con @furreality.con is reporting 538 attendees, 101 fursuiters, and $15,336 raised for Ohio Alleycat Resource.

Was Tony The Tiger Driven Off Twitter By Unbelievably Horny Furries?

In an article on Huffington Post

Was there something in the replies to that Oct. 23, 2017, tweet, then? After all, since that post, Tony had restricted his tweeting to straightforward customer-service replies dealing with concerned or unsatisfied customers. Where once he had bounded across the savannas of Twitter, all smirks and coiled muscle, now he had been reduced to slinking around in others’ replies, terrified of hornballs.

Did any of the replies to that final tweet chase Tony off Twitter? It’s hard to say definitively, though the fact that Tony was riding a bicycle certainly didn’t help.

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G+ Is Shutting Down

I know to some this means nothing (shutdown info), but I do have a presence on G+ and I do moderate the Greymuzzle group there. So this news took me by surprise, and have caused me to make my own plans. Not that you will see any difference here, except for my interest in video games will be seen more here. I love certain games, I won’t bore you with purchases, just to tell you if a game I get is good, weird or just plain sucks. I have noticed more and more are interested in retro games. Certainly, the buyers of retro games at my favorite gaming store have gotten noticeably younger.