Sonic the Hedgehog (film) 2019

For a film that is supposedly coming out on Nov 9, 2019, there is frankly very little info out there about the new film. Not crew or cast but the film itself, plot and what the actual characters looks like. Even before I decided to post this piece my Google results were mainly of the new Sonic and fan-made trailers? if you can call them that as they are nothing much more than what Sonic looks like and the cast and crew but nothing else.

Anyway, this is what Sonic looks like

Really the only thing I was thinking about when I saw this is “Bad Fursuit”. To me the design is terrible. This is coming from an actual Sonic fan, I have the original games on the Sega Genesis, plus the console to play them on. I have both Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 downloaded to my PS3 and yes I have played them. For the record my Genesis games are great, both Sonic Adventure games are not all that good, meanwhile, Sonic CD is fun.

Frankly, there is fan art you can find anywhere online that looks better than this.

It’s Even Funnier The Second Time Around by Jeff-Kun