Film Review: Hobbs and Shaw (No Spoilers)

I saw The Fast and The Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, and I know what you are waiting for. It is a good film and even if your not a fan of the franchise and know the actors better than the series. You will enjoy it, tons of action, some of the best stunts I have ever seen. Hobbs and Shaw is the kind of film you can enjoy, without thinking too much about the plot. Which to me was a bit corny and maybe the end was too. But like I said you will have fun, I know I enjoyed it too.

Opinion vs. Fact : Cats 2019

Recently the Chicago Reader did this article on the upcoming Cats film. A large portion of that article contains opinions from Patch O’Furr of Dogpatch Press speaking as if he represents the entire furry fandom. I encourage everyone to check out that article. To me it looks more like Patch is building up his own ego than anything else. After major setbacks on his own site, like losing half his number of views with the rumored arrest of his partner, and him openly supporting Cub Porn which came out earlier this year. Despite those posts being taken down, they have survived on

In my own survey of furries, I found their opinions about the Cats film are like everyone else. Some will see it, some will avoid it, some will wait to it comes to some streaming platform. Me I think the film looks weird, and if I find it on a streaming service I might check it out…of curiosity.