The Furries Among Us

Chion Wolf & Colin McEnroe.

The Furries Among Us is a 2-year-old radio program that aired on NPR back in  2017.

Like just about anything else one delves into, the subculture known as furries is more nuanced, more varied and less sensational than mass media depictions of them.

Furries are people who really like anthropomorphic depictions of animals. Sometimes they like them so much that they buy or make their own elaborate costumes, but others are quite content with online role playing or attending conventions. They like movies like Puss in Boots and Kung Fu Panda.

With the suit thing, they’re pretty easy to send up in comedies like The Drew Carey Show or 30 Rock.  And the fact that a fairly high percentage of them report some linkage of this hobby to their sexual identity makes them easy targets for shows like ER and CSI.

Back in 2012, two libraries struggled over the question about whether to have a policy banning furries in costume. Hear about all of this and more on today’s show.


  • Dr. Leslie Lothstein – former Director of Psychology at the Institute of Living, and a lecturer of law & psychiatry at Yale University
  • Bob Armstrong – 20 years in the furry fandom, and serves on the Anthrocon Board of Directors
  • Stephanie Krus – Freelance illustrator
  •  “Grubbs” Grizzly – A furry in Palm Springs, California

and can be found HERE

22 Days Until MFF

Current circumstances will make my annual coverage of MFF tough…but not impossible. It will be reporting on what I see and hear from reliable sources. My video coverage will be different this year and it does not involve my current problems. It’s just a matter of numbers, it seems most of you like to read what I like, rather than watch me in a video…and frankly I can’t blame you. Besides I get nervous in front of a camera, even when it’s my own.

To me, usually Panels are my main focus, but this year seems to be the worse. If I do go to any, it will be the fewest in my 7 trips to MFF. Even on Friday, the day I usually pick up my badge. I am totally unsure if I will even be there that day because there is so little to do.

But it will be covered, in a way, I won’t be able to explain until after MFF. Given certain circumstances, that is beyond my control. Speaking of which Milo Y. beyond that, I won’t mention his name. But it is easily found on Google and why he is even mentioned. Is because social media is all a buzz, over some sort of demonstration, by him or his followers or both. Then there is what a Police officer told me privately, that MFF will have increased security this year. So I advise everyone, don’t cause problems. Security will be monitoring the Fire Alarms during the entire convention.

No wonder some have decided to skip MFF 2019.

No one is 100% positive everything will go smoothly, we will have our fingers crossed and that’s it. That is the best we do give the rumored hate groups that claim they will be there, and will they be able to do anything? Your guess is a good as mine.

Cameras will be at the ready and I advise everyone to keep your handy, you might need it.