RIP George Floyd

Normally I would not cover incidents outside the furry fandom. But what happened to George Floyd was outright murder and it took place on camera. It has also got those in charge of calling for more violence or peace. It’s also got the various law enforcement agencies on the defensive. Speaking as someone who wishes to live in peace and does not want their workplace or their building burned to the ground…I am scared. On the one hand I agree we should protest, but on the other hand setting buildings on fire is a crime and it’s called arson. Some might think me wrong for saying this, but it’s the truth.

I have been often criticized for saying All Lives Matter, but it does. I have seen a lot of tragedies in my life and last year I attended a funeral for a 23-year-old friend. I will not mention their race but 23 is way too young to die. Let alone if you have family and children like my friend has a daughter that they will never see grow up and experience life as it comes. Their death came too quick and the hospital could do nothing, by then it was too late.

I mourn George Floyd as I do others who do not have to die. Punish the guilty, elect those who will actually do something. It might sound political, but what happened in Minnesota is a prime example of what happens when you let the rich decide who is going to be in charge. We NEED to VOTE, if you don’t like who is in charge…VOTE, get them out of office. Some might even say why bother. If enough of us turns out, real change will happen. If we don’t this will happen again and again.


COVID-19 Report: Fur Reality

Fur Reality, which takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio and normally takes place in October, cancelled their 2020 convention. They posted the following on Twitter: