MFF Online

Just a brief word on MFF Online which is taking place both on and on their YouTube channel. Given it’s streaming and not in person they are doing a good job and what I have seen of it, has been excellent.

Not as good as being there…but you know

It did start 16 minutes late, which if you have been to a few Opening Ceremonies like me is typical. In 2019 it started 23 minutes late, let’s say it continues the tradition of a late start.

The Chat feature as it streams has been excellent, but one feeling still echos through “WE MISS THE REAL THING!!!” I included.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale : The Rescue | No Spoilers

First of all despite some of the criticism I found that The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus is just one of the plain best series on any streaming service period and it does not matter if it’s in the Star Wars Universe or not. As the series touches aspects that you would not plain see in any of the movies. Like what is it like out there for the average person and there is so much more. I have found that the season finales and I include the first season are nothing short of amazing. The more you get to know The Mandalorian the more you honestly love and care for this seemly nameless figure.

I know by even just the title The Rescue the basic plot of is rescue Grogu from what is left of The Empire. It’s also safe to say things don’t go as planned. But who comes to the rescue, just left me speechless. Beyond that I can’t say anymore it would be a HUGE spoiler and it is such a high point in the series.

Now I hear with the new Star Wars series that have been announced that there will be crossover episodes. I for one can’t wait.