Fur Con News: Fuzzy Oasis Party, Furry Invasion

I will guess most of you have never heard of Fuzzy Oasis Party, it takes place in China where this pandemic started for the most part and see actual fur cons take place once again is truly wonderful.

Fuzzy Oasis Party site

Furry Invasion Date Set and Registration is now open

Attention fuzzles: Registration for ACFI 2021 is now–


Open~! Register here: https://www.furryinvasion.org/register

Hotel booking is also up! You can find that here: http://bit.ly/ACFIHotel2021

Photo Credit: @SchecterWolfe (on Twitter).

Oct 8 to 10, 2021 San Antonio Texas Official Site Open

Featuring Shadow Raccoon at Confuzzled Online

Confuzzled Virtual Con starts today May 28 @ 2 PM UK time which converts to 9 AM EST

The Discord LINK

Fake Made Fur You Account Taken Down

It seems as quickly as this account appeared on Twitter, just as quickly it was taken down. So be careful when ordering a fursuit make sure you are dealing with the legit account.

Fur Con News: The Strange Case of Aurawra

As you can clearly see Aurawra is a Sydney, Australia based for con. That has a story that I will guess you never heard before by any fur con, in the entire history of the furry fandom. This was taken from their FAQs

Aurawra Venue and Date Change FAQ

Why are we moving venues?

Our original hotel, the Novotel Sydney International Airport, has been appropriated by the NSW Government for COVID quarantine of international airline staff over the dates of out convention. As such neither our staff nor the hotel wish to risk your health or any cross-contamination.

Why did you change the date?

We did try to find a suitable venue on the same date, however our options were limited by both availability and budget. To give you the best con experience possible, we made the decision to move the date back to utilize a venue that suited our needs.

What do I do if I can’t come to Aurawra now?

You have two options. For any attendees who have booked their registration before May 10th you will be allowed to roll over your registration to 2022, otherwise we can refund your ticket. Please email us at aurawra.con@gmail.com if you wish to pursue either option. For Dealers, we will also roll over your table should you choose this option.

I have a room booked for the current con dates; how do I change the booking?

Your booking will have been transferred to the new hotel. If the room type you have booked at the previous hotel is unavailable at the new hotel, Novotel Sydney Olympic Park will be contacting you to confirm your booking.

If you were not booked under the con code, but were booked over the dates of the con weekend, the hotel will additionally be contacting you separately to determine whether you’re with the convention and move you across additionally. However, if you have not yet received that call, we suggest you contact the hotel yourself directly.

I haven’t booked a room yet, when/how can I book?

If you have registered at the convention, you will have received an email containing the information you need to register. You will need to contact the hotel directly via the phone line or reservations email. If you cannot find that mail and you have registered for the convention, please contact the aurawra support email: aurawra.con+support@gmail.com

What will this cost me?

If you are booking through the con rates, it should cost you nothing as all the transfers will be done automatically.

This is really late notice, could you not do anything sooner?

Unfortunately, we were given extremely late notice of this change ourselves and have been working hard to find a suitable alternative. We do apologize for the trouble this will cause, but we hope you understand we are doing the best we can

Does that mean that registration is open?

At the moment the convention is booked out and we cannot do at-the-door registration (due to COVID). However, If a large quantity of tickets become available again, we’ll look at having another sale of tickets. If this happens, we’ll be posting about it on our social media channels if we end up opening.

So not only is their a limit on attendance, but they lost their main hotel to do the COVID situation.

We here at Furry Times wish Aurawra the very best, and have our fingers crossed that all goes well

Grasping At Straws: Having a Sense of Humor During These Times

Joe Strike, a man who I admire and who once did an interview for Furry Times. Recently posted an article on Dogpatch Press. Which hadn’t even gotten a comment or a Like on Twitter. Really it read out more like a rant against Jimmy Kimmel actually hinting that either him or his writers were furry haters. Then mentioning 2 incidents as an example, personally I thought the bit where Kimmel hinted that Mike Lindell that My Pillow Guy had a bunny suit deep in the back of his closet. I thought funny and you have to understand a bit of history and endure a Bugs Bunny cartoon to get the joke

In this 1955 cartoon Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny change places literally. Bugs is the Hunter and Elmer is the prey. If you watched that cartoon you will notice that Elmer is wearing a rabbit suit. Mine you this was long before anyone even knew what furry was. Up to now, no one has used the word fursuit. Traditionally a rabbit suit had been associated with crazy, you can find references in various comedies that date back to the 1930s. Not that there is anything wrong with rabbit furries. You just have to understand, there is an explanation for everything.

Also if you think this whole piece is silly, have a good laugh on me. I am not insulted of anyone laughs at this piece this is just done for fun anyway.

Fur Con News: Furpocalypse Postponed

As things start opening again, we are still sadly also seeing postponements Furpocalypse is just the latest.