A Furry Needs Help

I applaud someone who is trying something more than the traditional route of medicine which is namely pill after pill. But John is suffering from kidney failure which will mean hours of dialysis. We hope this herbal medicine will reverse his Stage 5 kidney failure.

Dialysis itself is horrible and you can get low blood pressure, muscle cramps and infection. But imagine having to spend several hours every few days. Hooked up to a machine, and some after this come out to weak to drive. It’s horrible, and personally would not wish it on anyone.

Okay so I admit John and I have different views of the world. But we get along as we can put our differences aside, after all John is an honorable furry, and has been to MFF. Turns out he is just in to stuff you find at Yard Sales, Flea Markets as me. Please help him out if you can.

His Go Fund Me

Fur Con News: Brasil FurFest, United Dance Party


Join BFF Online, an internet furry convention, which will take place July 16-18 at Hopin!

It's not a call! It's not live!
It's a similar event to the hotel's BFF. With main stage, halls and furry bazaar! All by video, audio and text!

More information LINK

Furry Broadcasting Network is going to do their own Online FurCon now called “United Dance Party”

Alright SO…..we kinda had a quick name change
*blames @OnlinePonies

The OFFICIAL name for the event will be United Dance Party!


DJ Sign ups are a GO!