Confessions of a Gopher

This year was the very 1st time, I decided to volunteer at MFF. The process is simple I started when I registered and later on I filled out a online forum and was LINKED to the Telegram group volunteers use. You know they actually have an Online Reserve for key volunteer jobs. I didn’t do that, I just went to the volunteer office on the very first day of the con

Where I filled out a Legal Release saying I can’t sue MFF if I got hurt. Afterwards I was given one of their blue volunteer vests, and sent off to where I was needed. That is generally the Elevators which I did twice. I would have done it more, I really wanted that Gopher pin.

Gophers get a FREE Pin if they volunteer for 5 hours, They have a Super Gopher pin for 10 hours, 12 or more you get a free Regular weekend Badge, or a discount on a Sponsor or Shiny Sponsor admission. Plus that Exclusive Super Gopher pin.

There are some who actually volunteer the entire con and to those Furry Times Salutes you.

MFF is a great con, and I will be back next year, and if I got time I will also be volunteering again. I really want that Gopher Pin.

FURUM Attendance, Furcation Charity Numbers

FurUM 2019’s attendee count

Their final number is 437.

422 (pre reg) + 15 (on site tickets)