Fox Dad Book Review

To me buying Fox Dad was a MUST, I was hoping to get it at MFF 2019, but it was sold out. I know why, it is nothing short of great. If you have been following Fox Dad webcomic as I have, you have grown to love this comic about a family of fursuiters. Each strip is just filled with furry humor, I think being a furry helps and the jokes are something a furry understands.

In short a very solid 10 out of 10 you can not go wrong buying this, as it is just about perfect and well worth repeated reading if you want a laugh.

You can get it here or at your next fur con

Although Ringtail Cafe never quite confirmed this I think it’s safe to say that Fox Dad book was close to be the #1 item sold at MFF

WPAFW Beer Contest

Yes this is legit LINK

Looking for something fun to do while you’re hiding indoors from the bitter winter chill? Why not learn to brew something for the First Annual #WPAFW Brewing Competition being held in 2022? Mead, beer, cider, and wine are welcome. Questions? Reach out to