Fangcon Is No More

With this post on Facebook Fangcon is gone

A con which started in Birmingham, AL in 2012 has ended

Interesting not according to Wikifur

It was held in Tennessee, USA until 2016. Due to disputes with the hotel and NCAA College football season, Fangcon moved to Birmingham for the 2016 convention, and remained in Birmingham for 2017, where it was held at the [Doubletree by] Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park. The event skipped a year, but Fangcon 2019 took place on January 9-13, 2019 with special guests Agents of Mirth. Fangcon 2020’s theme is Howlywood.

Mephit Fur Meet Post Card

I have been meaning to post this for a while as I picked this up at MFF 2021.

May 2022 Fur Cons

5-8 Furry Weekend Atlanta Atlanta, GA
20-23 FurCoNZ Forest Lakes, Otaki New Zealand
26-29 Mephit Mini Con Kirchen/ Sieg Germany
27-29 AnthrOhio Columbus, Ohio
27-29 Furlandia Portland, Oregon
27-29 ConFuzzled Birmingham, England
28 to June 1 Furizon Cavalese, Italy

Editor’s Note

Never thought I have to put an actual warning in one of these things until now. I have been hearing about threats made against FWA staff. Let me remind you that kind of behaviour will not only get the Police called, but could get you Perma Banned from nearly every con, as they do share these types of lists. If and only if it happens at a fur con, so PLEASE treat everyone… INCLUDING staff fairly.


Goon Dust Love: Book Two: The Pig by Daniel Carter

Goon Dust Love Book Two The Pig continues the story of Micheal and Elaine who are discovered by this man and invites them over to an abandoned McDonald’s where he has other “Runaways” running hussles, fake subscriptions and charities and the like in return they get hash browns and catsup with coffee and an occasional beer and that’s it at 2 times a day. If they don’t bring anything in they just don’t eat.

To be honest the more I read, the more it hit me that this is an adaption of Oliver Twist, a good one in fact. If you don’t know Oliver Twist, really you can look it up on Wikipedia, but really it’s the same plot… with one exception.

The Yellow House, the next book in the series.

Where an extended family of college students live, where they have plenty of fresh food, a clean place to live and everyone is treated fairly.

Unlike what happens at the abandoned restaurant, when Elaine checked out The Yellow House and Michael lied to The Pig to save her as she violated one of his rules. Don’t talk to others. For a while it looked like Micheal was about to get roasted. Until he was suddenly freed, and they decided to go.

It maybe an adaption of “Oliver Twist”, but it’s a good one. Frankly I wished it was longer than the 60 pages or so of how this series averages.

The Verdict

I give a very solid 10 out of 10, and here is why. Great characters, interesting story and enough of a plot twist you are certain what is going to happen next.

The Pig with other volumes of Goon Dust Love is available from Rabbit Effect