May 2022 Fur Cons

5-8 Furry Weekend Atlanta Atlanta, GA
20-23 FurCoNZ Forest Lakes, Otaki New Zealand
26-29 Mephit Mini Con Kirchen/ Sieg Germany
27-29 AnthrOhio Columbus, Ohio
27-29 Furlandia Portland, Oregon
27-29 ConFuzzled Birmingham, England
28 to June 1 Furizon Cavalese, Italy

Editor’s Note

Never thought I have to put an actual warning in one of these things until now. I have been hearing about threats made against FWA staff. Let me remind you that kind of behaviour will not only get the Police called, but could get you Perma Banned from nearly every con, as they do share these types of lists. If and only if it happens at a fur con, so PLEASE treat everyone… INCLUDING staff fairly.