Furgether (Austria) Furry Camping

Furgether is a furry camping event that takes place takes place at Camp Sibley (https://www.dascamp.at; Camp Sibley, Oberdambach 11, 4461 Laussa, Austria) in Upper Austria. Camp Sibley is located in the Kalkalpen National Park region and has a lot to offer on its 10,000m2 site.

Even though regular registration does not open to May 29 from what I can see from the Volunteer Registration the cost is 100 Euros and there are extras.

If you wish to take part LINK

Ukrainian Man and His Dog Escape Mariupol by Walking 140 Miles to Safety

As originally posted by My Modern Met

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine drags on, people continue to flee from unsafe parts of the country. Some travel by car or train while others, like Igor Pedin, escape on two feet. The 61-year-old walked from the besieged city of Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia—a place that’s 140 miles away. In the U.S., that would be the equivalent of walking from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia. And Pedin didn’t make the trek alone. His faithful dog Zhu-Zhu was with him every step of the way.

Pedin risked grave personal danger to make it to safety. He strove to be “invisible” as he walked toward convoys of Russian soldiers and armored vehicles while navigating around destroyed bridges and buildings. Although he wasn’t invisible, he was incredibly fortunate—especially considering what he left behind. Mariupol has been the site of intense fighting and is a humanitarian crisis; people are having trouble escaping and many have died.

But they made it read the full story HERE

The Texas Shooting

There is much I can say about what happened. But the only thing certain as of this moment that children are dead, while their loved ones cry their hearts out. There is only one thing I can say of how totally insane this world have gotten of late. We need to start thing about those left behind. I can tell you that when a family member such as my own brother dies… for whatever the reason. You feel that your life is gone forever. That there even might be a glimpse that suicide is the only way to stop the pain. But life goes on, and we really need to take it down a notch. Things are insane, plans have been changed even my own plans. You know I don’t even go out past sunset any more. Even at my job, we have people ready, will and able to use a gun to protect their co-workers. The High end shops now have armed security who act as doorpeople. Keeping the door locked unless someone wishes to enter.

Downtown Chicago is almost a Ghost Town. Bus drivers tell me that they rarely see anyone on the street at night anymore.

Do we really have to live like this?!!!