Furgether (Austria) Furry Camping

Furgether is a furry camping event that takes place takes place at Camp Sibley (https://www.dascamp.at; Camp Sibley, Oberdambach 11, 4461 Laussa, Austria) in Upper Austria. Camp Sibley is located in the Kalkalpen National Park region and has a lot to offer on its 10,000m2 site.

Even though regular registration does not open to May 29 from what I can see from the Volunteer Registration the cost is 100 Euros and there are extras.

If you wish to take part LINK

Fur Con News: Furgether, Anthrocon

Furgether is looking for Panel submissions

Do you want to organize a panel at Furgether? You have an idea for an awesome activity at the convention? Please share it with us. The open call for panels and activities starts now. https://www.furgether.at/en/panel/

Anthrocon Online Starts Today 12 Noon ET

Anthrocon Programming relies on you the attendees. Each year we take panel suggestions from attendees in the hopes to build an event that you all will enjoy to the fullest.

Main Events Livestream on Anthrocon.tv

If you’re looking to join a BREAKOUT panel, click on the panel name in the schedule below and use the video call link to join the Google Meet room.

You can find the full schedule here as well as the Livestream

Fur Con News: Furgether,

Furgether Registration is open

Furgether Infochannel, [12.05.21 15:13]
This is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test: Registration for Furgether 2021 starts on 19 May at 7:05 pm. As an alternative the german version of the date and time: 19.05. 19:05.

Furality Online Xperience Registration is open

Fur Con News: Wild North Postponed, Introducing Furgether

Wild North Postponement

Ahoy there fluff tails!

Me and the crew have been plotting and scheming over many a bottle o’ Fentimans

We have come to the decision that we do not wish to put any land lubbers in peril this year by accepting crew mates in person.

Fear not though mateys! Like last year we shall bring you fun and adventure once again through a Virtual Voyage on Twitch Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of October!

Keep a weather eye out for further announcements from the crew on what our plans are, and how you can be involved.

Until then me hearties, batten down the hatches and shanty to ya hearts’ content!

~ Captain Twizell and the Wild North Crew

Furgether A Brand New Furry Camping Event in Austria

According to their Telegram registration opens up on May 19th.