Futerkon (Poland) Con Shirts

You already know the appearance of the convention shirt. So if you like it and you would like to have not one, but two, for example, it is worth to mark it in the participant’s panel by June 12 This is because then the deadline for selecting an additional T-shirt and size is passed.

When 2 Furries Meet

I have known Scar the fur ever since we started talking on Twitter, after some issues they had in a recent layover I made an offer, and the way it turned out is almost unbelievable. when their train was just over 8 hours late. In fact it was the very last Amtrak train to pull into Union Station Chicago for the night.

Scar I found is so nice and friendly, oh sure it meant me staying up the whole night to make sure they catch a 7AM bus. We really had a lot to talk about, and frankly I was sad to see them go.

Of course when your a Greymuzzle and a morning person the lack of sleep really caught up to me. Frankly even I am amazed I was able to do so much. Before totally collapsing at 8PM.

But it was great meeting Scar and I hope to do it again.