When 2 Furries Meet

I have known Scar the fur ever since we started talking on Twitter, after some issues they had in a recent layover I made an offer, and the way it turned out is almost unbelievable. when their train was just over 8 hours late. In fact it was the very last Amtrak train to pull into Union Station Chicago for the night.

Scar I found is so nice and friendly, oh sure it meant me staying up the whole night to make sure they catch a 7AM bus. We really had a lot to talk about, and frankly I was sad to see them go.

Of course when your a Greymuzzle and a morning person the lack of sleep really caught up to me. Frankly even I am amazed I was able to do so much. Before totally collapsing at 8PM.

But it was great meeting Scar and I hope to do it again.