Fur Con News: Fur Squared Merch Delayed, Golden Leaves Con Seeks Artist

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If you’re waiting on merch: don’t worry, we are too. Our supplier is, uh, having some issues getting a boat into a dock. I swear as soon as I figure out where it is I’ll be there to hold a terrible ocean 11 heist to get them for you

Golden Leaves Con (Switzerland) is looking for art for it’s conbook. If your not well known in the furry community with your art. Now is your chance.

Fur Con News: Wild Times, Golden Leaves Fur Con

Wild Times (Germany) Will Require Proof of Vaccination

Wild Times 2021 Will Be For Vaccinated-Only

Out of need to comply with possible future government regulations and concern for the safety of our staff and attendees, we will require a full Covid vaccination to attend Wild Times 2021.

@Rakurim will message all attendees of Wild Times during the upcoming week and ask if they are going to be fully vaccinated by the start of Wild Times or not.

If you are not fully vaccinated by the start of Wild Times, please let us know, when we message you, so we can cancel and refund your slot.

In summary:

1.) @Rakurim will message you and ask you if you are fully vaccinated for Wild Times

2.) If you are fully vaccinated, you can attend. If not: We will cancel and refund your slot.

3.) Important: If you fail to provide proof of vaccination at the start of Wild Times (and don’t notify staff to cancel your slot), your slot will not be refunded

In order to count as fully vaccinated in time for Wild Times your 2nd vaccine (or for johnson & johnson only vaccine) must be received by 23.08.2021 latest.

While we wish everyone could attend Wild Times, we feel this is the best way forward for everyone’s safety and to comply with any possible government regulations

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Golden Leaves Fur Con (Switzerland) Sets Date for In Person con

From their Twitter

COVID-19 Report: Golden Leaves Fur Con

Golden Leaves Fur Con, which takes place in October in Switzerland, has cancelled its 2020 convention. The new date is October 27-31 2021.