Gloomstadt Pain in the Neck by James Street

The Real Dracula

When you watch a Vampire movie or TV show you never think twice on where did someone get the idea for that character. Believe it or some actually believe these characters are real. But I am not here to judge someone’s belief, hey I would love to have a werewolf as a roommate. But that is just me, and I am a little weird anyway.

But when you talk of Vampires you’re talking about the Infamous Vlad the Impaler 1431-1475, ruler of Transylvania and makes Stalin look tame. If you don’t know who Stalin is, he is reasonable for 20 million deaths. But even Stalin and those under him rammed poles ou the asses of his victims and waited until they came out of the victims mouth. Gross but quite true. Like the time he invited other nobles over for a dinner party. Fearing they were plotting against him, he had them killed and ate a meal among the rotten corpses.

I know there is a couple of films been done on Vlad but in my opinion they were really tamed down from real events.

Think I am joking check on this link

Another Vampire vs. Werewolf

By Pachycrocuta