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Dates have been announced!
Furality Online Xperience – Virtual Reality Furry Convention
Friday May 22 through Sunday May 24th!

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COVID-19 Report: ArFF

Argentina FurFiesta 2020 has been postponed it now will be held at the Hotel Castelar on September 25th, 26th and 27th, 2020. All tickets issued for ArFF 2020 are fully valid for the new date.

Full statement can be found here

Brasil FurFest recently made a statement on their Telegram group over COVID-19 concerns but has not yet made any plans for either cancellation or postponement


The Brasil FurFest staff continues to closely monitor the evolution of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and its developments, including the cancellation and postponement of other furry co-brothers events in Brazil and abroad – something we regret to know about. work of the organizers and the expectations of the participants.

We would like to clarify that, for now, the Brasil FurFest staff intends to hold the event on the previously announced dates: from July 31 to August 2, at the Mercure Hotel, in Santos, SP.

We are aware of all the temporary restrictive measures taken by the city of Santos and the state of São Paulo to combat the spread of the disease, including the closing of hotels in all the cities of Baixada Santista, which prevents us from being in contact with Mercure at the moment.

An eventual decision on postponing or canceling Brasil FurFest 2020 will possibly be made between the end of May and the beginning of June, when we will have a clearer picture about the quarantine and restrictions regarding isolation and agglomerations.

Due to the moment of uncertainty, calls for drawings for the BFF 2020 material and for the Furry Bazaar are suspended for the time being.

The cancellation or postponement of Brasil FurFest 2020 will only occur if there are still legal restrictions for the event, according to the recommendations of doctors, the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and observing local laws and regulations on the subject.

If the postponement or cancellation of Brasil FurFest 2020 actually happens, information on refunds and / or rescheduling of tickets will be announced in due course.

We remind you that all communications from BFF will be made only on our page http://www.brasilfurfest.com.br, on our Telegram ad channel (t.me/bffanuncios) and also on our social media.

The time is now to contain the virus and we recommend that all furries STAY AT HOME if possible and do social isolation. We will all take the necessary precautions, such as avoiding being less than a meter from other people, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, using 70% alcohol gel, coughing using your arm to cover your mouth, in addition to seeking updates and other information about the disease through Dial Health 136 or on the Ministry of Health website:

Following medical recommendations is necessary to avoid contagion or spread the disease, especially for the elderly and people with respiratory problems.

Kind regards,
Brasil FurFest Staff
#stay at home

EDITOR: I can only repeat what other cons who hold their gatherings later in the year have stated. They are monitoring the situation closely.