COVID-19 Report: Gateway Furmeet

So in short Gateway Furmeet for now will be a virtual con, until this pandemic is over.

JMoF Presents a How To Video

Trump Has COVID-19

What a morning, woke up to find out trump has COVID-19. I say that is 100% Pure Karma, go around without a mask, mock people who do, threaten to fire members of your own staff who want to wear one. Plus Tweet, God will never allow me to get sick, was simply asking for it. No one ever mocks TBO, and gets away with it.

Now for a little HARDCORE truth time. trump is in the high risk category of dying, given his age and health. Not a lot of people his age make it. Think this is a lie look it up yourself.
Has this election gotten any weirder? I say this is only the beginning.