Animaniacs on Hulu Full Review

I tend not to binge as I want to really watch it and my verdict is that The New Animaniacs episodes on Hulu are great. Yes I am very well aware of the complaints and did you know I had only wrapped up TOS, which is also on Hulu barely 2 months ago.

First up let me address the complaints. I would agree the series is not perfect and there was some segments. Namely Cindy and that tiny naked alien I thought was absolutely dreadful, but on the other hand you get this 3 minute long silent piece on what happens when the Gate Guard falls a sleep while on duty. Which I thought was totally brilliant. I think we forget that not everything in TOS was all that great. In fact there are just too many to pick out just 1. But the overall series was great.

This 2020 version or as they mentioned in the 1st episode written in 2018 series. Is a product of today, today’s humor and it’s style. But the overall series is great, they did some segment like Pinky and The First and Brain’s First Lady was something I am sure they would not get away with in TOS. Mainly do to the many rumors that Hillary Clinton was actually running the White House, all the while Bill was getting his dick sucked. Hey, those were the actual rumors. We quickly knew which side of the political spectrum that crew was on in their treatment of trump. Like in the Hall of Presidents in episode 13 where Dot sings about the First Ladies. Tiny legs, FAT belly and BIG head. It was nice.

So the series isn’t to everyone’s liking, what I actually hate with some of these reviews is calling it a waste of time, rather than going in on what they did or didn’t like. They did some amazing bits on the show, and if you have your doubts check out YouTube.

The only person I know who hated that Tucker Carlson slam was Tucker Carlson and his fans? It was brilliant!!! For a second I thought his head was going to explode.

If you got Hulu check it out, if not they are currently running a $1.99 a month special which is good for the entire year. Also they do have that Disney + package.

Come on I hear complaints on how there are so few really good shows to watch, even on these streaming services. Animaniacs is one of those series and is worth checking out.

I Lost My Dog To Cancer Yesterday

Good thing I post in the early morning, because my yesterday afternoon I was a wreck. My dog Jake, who is in the far left in this photo died yesterday of cancer. I don’t know what to say other than 2020 has been a shit year for the most part. Jake went from a healthy happy dog in April to dead Dec 1st. I lost my brother to cancer back in 2013 and for a time went through therapy at Gilda’s Club for almost a year. I guess that is the only reason I am handling this as well as I am. In that you want to do more or some how blame yourself to why your loved one got cancer. But really things happen that is beyond out control, like this pandemic.

If your reading this and have a pet, the best thing you can do for me is show your love to them. Because they won’t always be around…sadly.