I Lost My Dog To Cancer Yesterday

Good thing I post in the early morning, because my yesterday afternoon I was a wreck. My dog Jake, who is in the far left in this photo died yesterday of cancer. I don’t know what to say other than 2020 has been a shit year for the most part. Jake went from a healthy happy dog in April to dead Dec 1st. I lost my brother to cancer back in 2013 and for a time went through therapy at Gilda’s Club for almost a year. I guess that is the only reason I am handling this as well as I am. In that you want to do more or some how blame yourself to why your loved one got cancer. But really things happen that is beyond out control, like this pandemic.

If your reading this and have a pet, the best thing you can do for me is show your love to them. Because they won’t always be around…sadly.