Animaniacs on Hulu Full Review

I tend not to binge as I want to really watch it and my verdict is that The New Animaniacs episodes on Hulu are great. Yes I am very well aware of the complaints and did you know I had only wrapped up TOS, which is also on Hulu barely 2 months ago.

First up let me address the complaints. I would agree the series is not perfect and there was some segments. Namely Cindy and that tiny naked alien I thought was absolutely dreadful, but on the other hand you get this 3 minute long silent piece on what happens when the Gate Guard falls a sleep while on duty. Which I thought was totally brilliant. I think we forget that not everything in TOS was all that great. In fact there are just too many to pick out just 1. But the overall series was great.

This 2020 version or as they mentioned in the 1st episode written in 2018 series. Is a product of today, today’s humor and it’s style. But the overall series is great, they did some segment like Pinky and The First and Brain’s First Lady was something I am sure they would not get away with in TOS. Mainly do to the many rumors that Hillary Clinton was actually running the White House, all the while Bill was getting his dick sucked. Hey, those were the actual rumors. We quickly knew which side of the political spectrum that crew was on in their treatment of trump. Like in the Hall of Presidents in episode 13 where Dot sings about the First Ladies. Tiny legs, FAT belly and BIG head. It was nice.

So the series isn’t to everyone’s liking, what I actually hate with some of these reviews is calling it a waste of time, rather than going in on what they did or didn’t like. They did some amazing bits on the show, and if you have your doubts check out YouTube.

The only person I know who hated that Tucker Carlson slam was Tucker Carlson and his fans? It was brilliant!!! For a second I thought his head was going to explode.

If you got Hulu check it out, if not they are currently running a $1.99 a month special which is good for the entire year. Also they do have that Disney + package.

Come on I hear complaints on how there are so few really good shows to watch, even on these streaming services. Animaniacs is one of those series and is worth checking out.

The Animaniacs on Hulu Mini Review

Today the first of 13 episodes dropped on Hulu today of the brand New Animaniacs series. So how is it? I found the episodes fun, they made me laugh, the writing is brilliant, and they even make fun of both trump, and the fact these episodes were written in 2018, and they are Reboot. I am sorry to say many familiar characters are missing, but we still have Ralph the Security Guard. Speaking of which I wonder how many of you will catch the easter egg when they go into the CEO’s office and see the movie poster on the wall. Beyond that it’s a spoiler.

If you got Hulu, The New Animaniac series is well worth checking out. Almost forgot Pinky and The Brain. Still quite good and in their very 1st adventure, they use a phone App to attempt to conquer the world. Brilliant and delightfully funny all at the very same time.

Check out the new Animaniacs if you love good animation, or just want a good laugh.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 3DS Review

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is without a doubt is truly a fun game. Tons of hidden items and so many tricks if this is the last games for the 3DS Nintendo certainly created a brilliant game.

As to the details:

Episode 1 has 18 levels

Episode 2 has 18 levels

Episode 3 has 28 levels

Bonus has only 4 but only can be opened by using a Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo.

There a total of 68 levels in the 3DS version. The Switch version has more levels depends on the current DLC.

The Amiibo aspect of this game is interesting, besides what I previously mentioned about the Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo.

The Toad Amiibo gives you invincibility

Any other Amiibo an extra life.

Luther: The Final Season Review (No Spoilers)

I have been a fan of both Idris Elba and Luther ever since I first caught the series on Netflix. Each of the seasons brought something new to the characters and always had such interesting plot twists and turns always leaving me wanting more. In fact when I heard this was going to be Luther’s Final Season. I was imagining all sorts of plots and twists for each of the series main characters.

Definitely not what I got, I am well aware the this final season will not be coming to Netflix until the end of the year at the earliest. In fact I was only able to watch these final 4 episodes was through a LIVE TV streaming service.

What I actually got horrified me, those 4 episodes played out like an extended horror film. The body count and gore only added with every episode. There were times I had to turn away from the screen or I would have gotten sick on my own PC. I want to make it very clear I normally don’t watch horror as there is too much of that on the news lately.

They said before the last episode aired that there would be either a Luther Movie (which is what I really hoped for) or this would of ended Luther forever. I think we got our answer and it was one I didn’t want.

No Spoilers: In short what we got was beloved and yes MAIN characters killed, Alice attempting to kill Luther at gunpoint and what happened to her I just don’t want to say. Like what happens to Luther…in short it isn’t good.

If there was anyway the creator and writer of Luther, Neil Cross. Could have gone out of his way to kill off the series…he did it…Gloriously. I should really say gorily, total blood bath, these last 4 episodes were far worse gore wise than any American Detective series I have ever seen. I think Nightmare on Elm Street had less gore.

I leave this one up to you, if you want to see this blood bath. But be aware that the final episode will leave you very disappointed and maybe feeling a bit nauseated as well.

Netflix’s Watership Down Review

You can not talk about Watership Down without mentioning the 1978 animated film, which itself is a classic. But really expect for characters as well as plot you can not compare both projects. The animation style different, and the Netflix version is not only longer about 4 hours but definitely darker. There is an actual age recommendation of 14+ on the Netflix one and I totally agree. What gets me is when this was being made there was a lot of rumors that this Netflix/ BBC project was going to be censored for young kids. I swear if a young kid saw this, the Netflix Watership Down would give them nightmares. It is really that dark, death is common place, in Efrafan you either live by their rules or you are killed on the spot. Does must do as their leaders say or are killed without warning. Yes death is a theme in this project.

Not to say they don’t go into side plots of the different main characters and you do see what motivates them.

As for the animation style which some have complained about. Once I got a look at Efrafan it all made sense. If your any sort of history buff like myself, you often see history sneaking their way in to various projects and Netflix’s Watership Down is no exception. Think Soviet Era East Germany and a lot of things make sense and why death was so common. Because back then it truly was, you leave your given position you die. The same can be said of both.

Finally how good is Netflix’s Watership Down? The voice acting is excellent, the animation is great, the little side things fantastic. Although I admit I had difficulty sitting through all 4 episodes I did watch all of them as was not disappointed once. I would give it my highest recommendation, but with a caution it is very dark and rabbits do die. Not for kids period.

My Overall score 8/ 10

Disenchantment Review

I swear everything that you ever wanted to see in a series set in medieval times is in this series. Shrek this isn’t, faires have sex and so this Princess who in more episode admits she is sexually active. A demon Luci who does have a heart, but won’t care if they ate a heart. This series by Matt Groening is 100% pure fun. Throw a party the party is crashed by Viking Raiders. The fairy Elfo wanders off and is captured by adult pair of Hansel and Gretel who turns out to be cannibals and have made the witch their prisoner. This series is filled with more examples than I care to mention.

One word review: WATCH!!!!

Major / Minor Mobile Edition Review

In all my years playing games, I have never seen more reviews of a game that contradict each other more than one for Major/ Minor. I swear that there is an equal number of rave reviews as those who tare the game apart.

My view is neutral: I hold no prejudgment of the game. I saw a free download on Google Play and gave it a play.

So what do I think?

What I see is an interactive novel, oh sure the game has asked me about my opinion, and even my views. But I really don’t see any major effect on the game. I honestly feel that no matter which question save for 1 would have any effect on the game. Which in short is average, it isn’t horrible nor is it great.

If you want an interesting story, that is only slightly interactive then give it a try. The art for the game is great, otherwise, I gave it…


Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (PC) ~Classic Review~

April 23, 2018 @ 19:47 by YoungSimbaPawSex ( )

Imagine you are in late 2010, and the new Bethesda game has just arrived, called Skyrim.
No DLC has released yet, and neither Special Edition. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are still in their prime, but your computer rig has better specs and can run the game in High graphics mode. So, you buy the game on Steam, and start up a new game.

It’s true on my end, that this wasn’t my case. I bought the game for a very cheap price when I was running out of funds in my bank account, by using the ever-sketchy and possibly illegal G2A website. I played the game in all its glory around 2016, with only one or two mods installed, and from a save that was extracted from a pirated version of the game I was running many years back; I wasn’t going to give up my Level 20 Khajit with the fearsome name of Khrytor to a pirated save, XD.

I was half-way through the main quest at this point and wanted to finish it, despite having practically no real game time (below 40 hours ). So, I did. I went back to the first Alduin fight and pressed on from there and finished the game in one sitting from that point.

Now, that’s where my biggest complaint is; the story. Yes, I am one of [/i] those [i] gamers; I play video games for their campaign and story above all else, mostly due to the fact that I grew up on jRPGs at the age of 7. Skyrim has a campaign that is way too short and begins to stop taking itself seriously as you get closer and closer to the ending of it. There is also a mission ( in the game that is completely broken and you need to use a console command to skip it; and it still has not been patched. It is worth it, though, because playing the game after the main quest is powerful, and people generally acknowledge your efforts. The overall story of the game is poorly done, and is where Skyrim ultimately fails as a game.

I also feel that the game isn’t fleshed out in general. I don’t want to jump the gun, but Bethesda’s other big Gaming Giant is the Fallout franchise, and in all their games you feel atmosphere that is extremely in tune with the game’s lore. In Skyrim, the game has some amazing and completely breathtaking atmosphere, yes, but it ignores the Skyrim lore, so the atmosphere feels disconnected from the actual elements of the world of Tamriel. As a result, when the lore starts to hit you, it knocks you off guard, because it has a sharp contrast with the game’s atmosphere.

This is especially true when you find an outpost in the middle of nowhere, and the Stormcloaks start rambling on how they hate the Imperials. Yet, a minute ago, you were enjoying the breathtaking mountains of ice and snow in the Far North of Skyrim, which has nothing to do with the political fights against the two major factions in the game. In Fallout New Vegas, the funny thing is that there are parallels. In New Vegas, you reach NCR camps that seem to pop out of nowhere in the Wastelands. However, the warring faction (Legion) is close by, and you realize these groups are fighting over land and holding their ground, which is why there are these random outposts in New Vegas.
In terms of music and sound design, I really enjoy Skyrim. There are a TON of music replacement mods on the Skyrim Nexus, but I’ve always never downloaded any of these mods, for reasons that it breaks immersion quite significantly. Jeremy Soule (Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, and Secret Of Evermore) did a beautiful and fantastic job of capturing the landscapes of Skyrim in music form. Skyrim would literally be a different game without this fantastic music. The sound design is also unique to Skyrim. If you were blindfolded and were given a game sound test, you would most likely instantly recognize the game sounds, although I think Fallout 4 is the best Bethesda game in terms of unique sound design. Not to mention, the endlessly quotable and extremely memorable dialogue in Skyrim, that everyone, even non-gamers, will recognize.

“Guard might get nervous, a man approaches with his weapon drawn.”

“I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.”

“You have committed crimes against Skyrim and Her people. What say you in your defense?”

“Fus, Ro Dah!”

And the list continues.
Finally, the most important element to Skyrim, and video gaming in general is gameplay. Obviously, Skyrim is an Action-Adventure RPG, and since it came out 8 years ago, it has seen remasters, re-releases, ports, mods, DLC, and hi-def packs. What could make a game so popular and beloved?

It’s the fact that the game perfects the Bethesda formula of sandbox gaming, and choice-based gaming. It isn’t a game about the Imperials or the Stormcloaks. It isn’t about fighting dragons for glory and power. It isn’t about stopping an evil force and saving the northernmost country of Tamriel from utter destruction. It isn’t about being the Chosen One to save the land. No.

It’s about who you are as a player, what you do, and how you get to doing what you do. You can be a mage, a warrior, a feared person, a loved person, a complete roleplayer, or just a casual gamer who turns on the game once in a great while.

Skyrim doesn’t ask you for anything, but you are the one who decides everything in the game, from the fate of the people in the game, to even your own fate.

That is why the game has seen so much praise. It was one of games that shaped Action Roleplay games, even to the fact that people go literally insane when they hear Todd Howard say anything about an Elder Scrolls 6 (

I do highly recommend the game to anyone who hasn’t tried it, so they can see why the game is so good gameplay-wise. It sucks you into itself; into its atmospheric and beautiful world.

Bojack Horseman season 4 Review

With the end of season 3 some speculated Bojack might actually kill himself. But what we got could possibly be the best season yet. Every major character is in crisis. In short Todd is unsure where he fits in to this world. Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane keep themselves so busy it takes to the very last episode before they realize that maybe they don’t love one another. Princess Caroline is on a downward spiral as she struggles to figure out where does she stand in this world. Meanwhile Bojack has a crisis of family, you name it he goes through it. Even discovering of a unknown daughter…maybe but that question isn’t answered until the very last episode of the season.

Throughout this season I wondered where where they going to go, misdirection is the key to this season. Really it takes to the very last episode before things make any sense.

If your a fan or new to the series on Netflix you really need to check it out. It is possibly one of the best series ever.