Netflix’s Watership Down Review

You can not talk about Watership Down without mentioning the 1978 animated film, which itself is a classic. But really expect for characters as well as plot you can not compare both projects. The animation style different, and the Netflix version is not only longer about 4 hours but definitely darker. There is an actual age recommendation of 14+ on the Netflix one and I totally agree. What gets me is when this was being made there was a lot of rumors that this Netflix/ BBC project was going to be censored for young kids. I swear if a young kid saw this, the Netflix Watership Down would give them nightmares. It is really that dark, death is common place, in Efrafan you either live by their rules or you are killed on the spot. Does must do as their leaders say or are killed without warning. Yes death is a theme in this project.

Not to say they don’t go into side plots of the different main characters and you do see what motivates them.

As for the animation style which some have complained about. Once I got a look at Efrafan it all made sense. If your any sort of history buff like myself, you often see history sneaking their way in to various projects and Netflix’s Watership Down is no exception. Think Soviet Era East Germany and a lot of things make sense and why death was so common. Because back then it truly was, you leave your given position you die. The same can be said of both.

Finally how good is Netflix’s Watership Down? The voice acting is excellent, the animation is great, the little side things fantastic. Although I admit I had difficulty sitting through all 4 episodes I did watch all of them as was not disappointed once. I would give it my highest recommendation, but with a caution it is very dark and rabbits do die. Not for kids period.

My Overall score 8/ 10