WordPress Meets Theme Edition

Last night was the 2nd WordPress gathering I have ever been too and more than likely the last. It wasn’t that awful it’s just as these meets are more geared towards people who use WordPress dot org than people like me who use dot com. Also I was the only blogger there. I did learn something about the editing tool that WordPress uses as for the Themes it is all common sense. Being on WordPress for 10 years I have learned a lot and I was thinking maybe I might see if I can host my own meet Blogging 101. I swear these meets are geared more towards those who make money off of people who use WordPress tools to make their own site than those like me who uses what is available and easy for those like us, who have no idea what a plug-in on WordPress actually does.

Originally I decided to go to these meets to make improvements to this blog and not feel like I wasted my time like in the last 2. In fact the only thing I did learn was some of the features of the Block Editor WordPress now uses so I can make my posts.