The Animaniacs on Hulu Mini Review

Today the first of 13 episodes dropped on Hulu today of the brand New Animaniacs series. So how is it? I found the episodes fun, they made me laugh, the writing is brilliant, and they even make fun of both trump, and the fact these episodes were written in 2018, and they are Reboot. I am sorry to say many familiar characters are missing, but we still have Ralph the Security Guard. Speaking of which I wonder how many of you will catch the easter egg when they go into the CEO’s office and see the movie poster on the wall. Beyond that it’s a spoiler.

If you got Hulu, The New Animaniac series is well worth checking out. Almost forgot Pinky and The Brain. Still quite good and in their very 1st adventure, they use a phone App to attempt to conquer the world. Brilliant and delightfully funny all at the very same time.

Check out the new Animaniacs if you love good animation, or just want a good laugh.