Major / Minor Mobile Edition Review

In all my years playing games, I have never seen more reviews of a game that contradict each other more than one for Major/ Minor. I swear that there is an equal number of rave reviews as those who tare the game apart.

My view is neutral: I hold no prejudgment of the game. I saw a free download on Google Play and gave it a play.

So what do I think?

What I see is an interactive novel, oh sure the game has asked me about my opinion, and even my views. But I really don’t see any major effect on the game. I honestly feel that no matter which question save for 1 would have any effect on the game. Which in short is average, it isn’t horrible nor is it great.

If you want an interesting story, that is only slightly interactive then give it a try. The art for the game is great, otherwise, I gave it…