Breaking News: Circles to Get Book 4

Posted by Andrew French one of the team who brought us Circles only minutes ago.

I know I am not suppose to by bias, but I love Circles. I have read my copy countless times and I so want this.

UPDATE: Circles Book 4 will be available online through Rabbit Valley/ Fenris Publishing at a later date

Uglier A Terrible Sounding Dystopian Romance

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Confuzzled and Furcation (UK) Announces Charity

Confuzzled (UK) recently posted

We are pleased to announce that our charity for 2022 will be The Bumblebee Conservation Trust – @BumblebeeTrust please show them some love! We are looking forward to welcoming them to the convention!

Save the bees!!!

Furcation (UK) recently announced

Want to donate to our charity of the year (National Search and Rescue Dogs Association) it’s easy! Just head to and send monies straight to them. Add them gift aid option to make sure the good folk at HMRC top up your donation!