My Very 1st Fur Con: Floor Wars and random thoughs on Midwest Furfest 2013

Floor Wars was incredible, and I know I already said that, but OMFG!!! They all were amazing, then to pull off their moves while dressed in a full fursuit WOW!!! I cheered so much it left me with a bit of a sore throat. To me even the losers were winners *Standing Ovation* to all the dancers.

Random Thoughts

WOW!!!! After all that I said I bet your wondering if I could say any more. Lets start with con myths by simply stating the fact.

Only about 24% of con goers wore fursuits and even then I would say about 5% were partial suits

But maybe as little as 9% wore ears and or tails.

The rest where like me in their street clothes, and that is a fact.

Badges were a common site, I wish I had one made up for my fursona as you can get custom badges. But badges of every
description could be found there

Speaking of badges you can run out of space on your own clothes fast, I actually saw someone wearing over 20 badges they literally wore them everywhere. That is a problem I faced, you do need to bring something
with you (Because I did not see any vendor there that sells them) to hang your badges from, and that is a lanyard. You need to bring your own more than one if you plan on getting a lot of badges. The best place to find those is college book shops.

Bags: No wonder I saw some brought backpacks. No one including the con when I picked up the con book and guides to what is in the area gives away bags. You need to bring one, if either your planning to get a lot of stuff or have to haul what ever you get a long distance like me, you will really need one.

Lets bust the biggest myth of them all that cons aren’t kid friendly. I saw at least 10 kids under the age of 12 there at the con; With their parents and or guardians.
And you know what, they were having a great time like the adults.

Next week I’ll be posting photos I took of the Fursuit Parade call it the best of the best. Meanwhile you can take a look at the photos I took in my online album at Photobucket all 94 of them, it was hard picking out just a handful.

But in the meantime, tomorrow I will be wrapping up my coverage of Midwest Furfest 2013