My Secret Tim Woods of MFF Interview

As I previously reported I got into trouble recently on the Midwest FurFest – Open Chat group on Facebook when I bashed out against its latest member Ryan Hill. I have made my feeling towards this person quite clear. But in my effort not to get banned for bashing I asked a couple of questions and got some rather surprising answers.

The very 1st thing I thought about was the Anthrocon bomb threat. I remember quite clear them mentioning Ryan Hill’s name on the network news as the one who made it. READ THIS in the link they blame the entire incident on a 10 year old looking for their parents. Hey, I know I am not the only one who heard his name mentioned. But is there now cover up?!!!

So then I asked about the Confederate Flag fursuiter, I admit I heard a couple of things. From getting warned about wearing that suit again to actually getting banned. Completely by passed that question.

I did learn on thing when I asked about the 2014 attack at MFF, he did say, “I can not comment on an ongoing investigation”. That is very telling and matches why the Police isn’t commenting on it either.

Then the biggest bit of news when I quote the arrest at BLFC, this is what Tim Woods said after seeing my article. “That isn’t Ryan Hill and he was not the one who was arrested”. Mind you I had to ask him twice to even acknowledge an arrest at that con was made. Then added, “That man is still in custody”.

Okay so how did this man posted on Ryan Hill’s account without his permission. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but I can not help but feel something is up.