Furries You Should Know: Kiba Wolf

Kiba Wolf hit the both the fur scene and the sights of YouTube with their fantastic videos starting in 2013. Thier first videos posted may just of been of the fursuit dance competition at MFF 2013. But that was also the time they posted their 1st Furry Music Video. That and later videos posted on YouTube have averaged between 15,000 to over 75,000 views. Kiba Wolf is without a doubt one of the main producers of some of the best furry videos you will find anywhere. I encourage everyone who even is considering making any video to check out Kiba Wolf’s work as it always one of the best you will find anywhere. I consider it a great honor that they consented to do an interview.

Q: Your background?
A: I am a software engineer developing software used in the TV/broadcasting industry

Q: How did you come to find the Furry Fandom? How has it changed your life or outlook?
A: Back in June 2013, I came across an article which discussed amazing cosplay costumes. They had some pictures posted up in the article as well and they were very realistic looking wolf heads. I was extremely fascinated by this because they looked incredibly cool. I did a little big of digging into who the maker was and learned that some of the featured heads were made by Clockwork Creatures – a fursuit making company specializing in realistic costumes. I began to do even more research into this and it eventually led me to discover the Furry Fandom starting with Youtube videos.

Discovering the Furry Fandom has been a blessing for me. Before this, I led a relatively normal life with minimal social life. Having just moved to NJ at the time, I really didn’t know many people at all, so often, I kept to myself. Now, the Fandom has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from around the world and make new friends, both from across the other side of the world, and as well as my local surroundings.

Q: Is Furry a Hobby or a Lifestyle for you? Do you have a fursona or two or more?
A: I think of it as a little bit of both, but moreso a hobby. It’s not a lifestyle where I let the Fandom control what I do with my life. Instead, it complements my lifestyle, bringing something enjoyable for me to look forward to every day. While I have a main fursona as myself, I do have 2 others which are portrayed in my other 2 characters: Atreus and Taika. Atreus is a warrior, archer wolf fighting to defend the good, and Taika is a peaceful samurai wolf.

Q: When was your first fur con?
A: My first fur con was Midwest Furfest 2013

Q: Do you fursuit, if you do own one have you ever fursuited outside of fur cons?
A: Yes I do fursuit and have fursuited outside of fur cons. I have worn Atreus to ren faires and I have suited Taika in Japan at some of the temples. In addition I have also taken both suits to local fur meets/fur bowls

Q: How did you get your start in photography?
A: My first digital camera was the first generation Canon DSLR (EOS Rebel). At that time, I had very little knowledge about cameras and pretty much shot pictures in Auto mode. There were very few DSLRs back then, and what the camera outputted looked amazing in comparison to the heavily popular point-and-shoot cameras. I guess I really didn’t get into photography until my cousin’s wedding about 5-6 years later. I didn’t shoot much with my DSLR, but it was because of the wedding that I felt inclined to learn how to properly take photos. That was when I then decided to purchase 2 new lenses to finally upgrade from my stock lens.

Taking photos during my cousin’s wedding was a real eye opener. I learned about how much my camera had already begun to become obsolete! Despite having 2 new lenses to cope with the wedding environment, it was not enough and I could see that my camera struggled severely. From that day on, I began to take more interest in photography.

Q: Would you call your skills as both a photographer and a videograopher your profession?
A: Definitely not. While I have used these skills for the occasional professional work, they are not my main profession.

Q: When you made your very first video at a fur con, was it just for fun or did someone hire you?
A: oh it was for fun. At the time, Revit’s fur con videos were quite an inspiration and I wanted to make videos similar to that. Professionally-made con videos were hard to come by – Youtube had lots of shaky footage or just really horrible edited/filmed material. I wanted to get that chance to make some good quality works for the Fandom.

Q: How are you able to go to so many fur cons in an average year, and do you go to them just to have fun?
A: My workplace is flexible when it comes to requesting vacation days. I will also try to save money by sharing rooms and driving to cons which are in reasonable proximity to me. Definitely, I go to them to have fun — but sometimes I will also help volunteer my time to help out the con.

Q: What is the process of creating a video at a fur con?
A: I think that really depends on what kind of video you want to create. I will first ask myself if this is a video that I want to have a story, or will it just be a con video, or maybe a music video? Depending on the type, I usually plan what type of shots I would like to take. In the case of something involving a story, I will even storyboard my idea on paper first – list out all locations, shots, camera angles, etc… for each proposed section of the video. Con videos are the easiest as generally I will just look for anything interesting that happens spontaneously and is interesting to film.

Q: Do you do your own editing?
A: Yes, I do all the editing myself

Q: Are you ever surprised by the number of views your videos get on YouTube?
A: Sometimes it can be surprising to see how well received some videos are compared to others. But I am certainly happy to get more views as I have found that it helps to bring more people into Fandom. To that note, I have received feedback from people thanking me for making videos as some of what I filmed helped introduce them to the Fandom and/or alleviate their family’s worry about what the Fandom is about.

Q: Would you ever consider doing a panel on photography at a fur con?
A: I could but prefer not to do it alone 🙂

Q: What are your future plans?
A: More fursuiting!! As much as I like to carry a camera around with me, once you have the fursuiting bug, you just don’t want to stop!

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