John Jackal and The Uninvited

JJ the uninvited-0001

It begins with John Jackal sitting in a bathtub thinking of naked women. When he suddenly get a call from a nosey neighbor complaining that they see him naked. That then leads John to discover this women in his house, but when he insists she leave. That is when she takes her clothes off, a roommate sees this and invites everyone over for a party.

Even though John Jackal keeps on insisting that this woman is only interested in him for his precious bodily fluids. He relaxes and have a good time. Eventually passing out, this gives that woman and her female friend to steal John’s fluids including the contents of 23 used condoms.

There is a incident with the police that is very reminiscent of anime.

John Jackal and The Uninvited is a fun story, with only scattered nudity. Played for laughs like the joke at the end after finding John passed out on the front lawn, and a friend still insists he goes to a blood drive.

Well worth a read, I really did enjoy this one

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