It’s Rough When Your Favorite Con is Cancelled

When MFF posted the news that their 2020 con was cancelled I was in shock for A moment. Of course I understand this awful pandemic is effecting everything including cons and so do we all. I even seriously debated with myself if it was on? Could I go? I hate to say the answer was no. The risk of getting sick is too great. We all know Con Crud, but combined with COVID-19 could make it lethal.

Then there are the Virtual Cons, I give it to those who put them together. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but I know they are not the same.

This year has done a number to all of us, and there isn’t one of us who doesn’t want this virus to be over once and forever.

So I look at con vids, there are a lot of them, and the photos we all take and we miss them even more. Even though some of us do complain on social media on how crappy this is. But I know it’s like everything else we have been going through. The Masks, the Social Distancing, the crap we all have to put up with from everyone, especially those in Washington and local govt.

I will admit my nerves are on edge, and I get angry sometimes, I even get too sensitive about things. But I go on, this has allowed me to play more video games and really get into streaming services. I have finally watched a lot of films I originally missed including Moana on Disney Plus. I plan on talking about The Mandalorian once I finish it. I just wish they had more older material such as more classic cartoons.

In other words we do what works for us, and hopefully this will be over….

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COVID-19 Report: Further Confusion, Red Deer Mini Con, Confuror,

Further Confusion San Jose, CA USA cancels their 2020 convention

To our furry community and friends,

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many events to be reassessed, and FC is no exception.  It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the cancelation of Further Confusion 2021. 

Our priority, first and foremost, is to protect people: We have seen all around the world that COVID-19 is a serious disease with deadly outcomes, and that our greatest responsibility is to keep our close-knit fandom and its neighbors, colleagues, friends, and loved ones out of harm’s way. Second, we have a responsibility to our mission: To ensure that for years to come we can highlight and encourage anthropomorphic animal arts, the artists and appreciators that surround them, and the charities we can support through your generosity. Finally, we have a responsibility to you all to provide fun and memorable events where we can see friends old and new, create and appreciate art, and build something great together.

COVID-19 is a threat to all these priorities. We won’t hold an event that puts our community and volunteer staff at risk. If we continue to proceed with planning our in-person event and have to cancel later, contractual penalties endanger future events.

We have begun planning alternative events and formats. Over the next few months we will announce our decisions about FC2021’s format, including possible experiments such as collective projects with remote participation, smaller short lead-time events when safety allows, and virtual events like dances, competitions, and shows. As we address this year’s challenges we will look for opportunities to innovate and provide creative, novel, and better experiences for everyone.

One thing is for sure: We would love to have you, your opinions, and your creativity with us as we figure out what comes next. We know this is a tough time for many of you out there, but if you would like to help, please consider volunteering to join us in defining the new normal.

As always, thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the past 20+ years. With lots of caution, a little luck, and our great community, we’ll continue to make FC a fantastic furry event for many years to come.

We hope to see you all very soon. Stay safe and healthy out there. ♥

Best regards,
The FC2021 Executive Staff
And Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, LLC Board of Directors

Red Deer Mini Con; Red Deer, Alberta, Canada has cancelled their 2020 gathering

Confuror Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico has cancelled their 2020 con