It’s Rough When Your Favorite Con is Cancelled

When MFF posted the news that their 2020 con was cancelled I was in shock for A moment. Of course I understand this awful pandemic is effecting everything including cons and so do we all. I even seriously debated with myself if it was on? Could I go? I hate to say the answer was no. The risk of getting sick is too great. We all know Con Crud, but combined with COVID-19 could make it lethal.

Then there are the Virtual Cons, I give it to those who put them together. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but I know they are not the same.

This year has done a number to all of us, and there isn’t one of us who doesn’t want this virus to be over once and forever.

So I look at con vids, there are a lot of them, and the photos we all take and we miss them even more. Even though some of us do complain on social media on how crappy this is. But I know it’s like everything else we have been going through. The Masks, the Social Distancing, the crap we all have to put up with from everyone, especially those in Washington and local govt.

I will admit my nerves are on edge, and I get angry sometimes, I even get too sensitive about things. But I go on, this has allowed me to play more video games and really get into streaming services. I have finally watched a lot of films I originally missed including Moana on Disney Plus. I plan on talking about The Mandalorian once I finish it. I just wish they had more older material such as more classic cartoons.

In other words we do what works for us, and hopefully this will be over….